Leah Merriman is a mixed media artist working out of St. Louis, Mo. Her body of work include sculpture, printmaking, paintings and illustrations in encaustics, acrylics, and ink. When she's not wrangling small children, she creates art. As of late, her work has gravitated more towards "mediums which dry fast" so that she can work quickly while  being a mom. She makes her own beeswax encaustic paints and uses a hot palette, multiple irons, heat guns, blowtorch and various burns to achieve depth and layers in city and landscapes.  

The joy of living is a passionate theme in the artist's work. Being diagnosed early on in life with a neuromuscular movement condition, she uses her daily physical challenges to her advantage by channeling both the frustrations as well as the celebrations of her livelihood through form and color. 

Merriman, an artist native to St. Louis, went to Webster Groves High School, received her B.A. from Webster University and is a licensed massage therapist. She began apprenticing under St. Louis sculptor Rudolph Torrini during her high school years and into undergraduate school. Her works have been accepted to art institutions across the country including Rhode Island, Chicago, Cleveland, and Kansas City. She lives in Richmond Heights, Missouri, with her husband, daughter, son, cats, a dog, one bird and a resilient goldfish.